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My WoW Card

Welcome to MyWoWCard.com!

My WoW Card is a free service which allows you to create images/signature cards that display information about your World of Warcraft characters. These cards can then be used in forums and other websites such as MySpace to display your character information.

You can get started right away by simply typing in your character name, selecting your zone and realm, and then choosing which of our templates you would like to use. Your customized card will then be created instantly. You don't need to worry about your card staying up to date either, just as your gear, level, and other stats evolve within the game, so will your WoW Card - automatically.

While you are able to create cards as an unregistered user, you will be restricted to the default character statistics depending on your character class. However if you decide to register (at no cost), you can not only select which stats you want to display, you can also add alts - all of which are manageable under your own, unique account.

Another exciting feature of My WoW Card are the leaderboards. Basically, you can compare whatever stat you would like across all of
the characters in the My WoW Card database. For example, who has the most honorable kills's? Who has the highest health points? You can even break it down on a server or class basis and find out exactly where your toons rank.

One last thing - we are currently in beta and there might be a few bugs (like the one noted below), so please contact us should you find any and we will have them fixed ASAP. Please also email us if you do not see your server listed.

Note for Players with Special Characters in their Names

If you have a special character in your name, such as ä or é, then when entering your character name on the site here you need to first visit your Armory page and copy the character name from the URL there. For example, if your character is Mä, then your Armory URL might be http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackrock&n=M%C3%A4. Copy and paste the part after "n=" (in this case "M%C3%A4") into the name box here on MyWoWCard, select your realm, and your card will be created.

WoW Card Generation

Registered users are able to select which character stats to show on their cards and add alts to their account. Please login from the right side or otherwise register.

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